Duffy 20' Boat

Enjoy a relaxing day just cruising on Newport Harbor.  Perfect for a day in the sun, reading, fishing, or pulling up to a local restaurant dock for lunch or drinks.  Fits up to 8 people.  Only $100/day.

Jet Skis

Perfect for partnering up. jet skis are a great way to explore the bay, or open it up for more fun on the channel.  These jet skis will make you want to take a sick day and hit the water. We won't tell.  Only $100 each per day.  Ask us about our jet ski club!

Welcome to $100/Day Boat & Jet Ski Rentals  

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Spend the day having fun and relaxing on Newport Harbor...

Speed Boats

These run-a-bouts are the best way to spend a day on the water... A perfect family outing, an entire day to explore Newport Harbor's bay and many inlets, hit a restaurant dock or two; even a beach on the bay to pull up and play on!  Only $100/day.

​** $100/Day Boat & jet Ski Rentals is owned by Heal Our Troops America, ia 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation dedicated to helping Veterans with PTSD. We currently provide the benefits of Ocean Therapy and PTSD Service Dogs to local Veterans. The tax deductable donations for the daily use of these boats and jet skis, enable the Veterans within our program to use them for Piscatorial (Fishing) Therapy in the off season. We have a limited number, and at the rate of $100/Day (compared to $69/hour), these vessels go fast!        Call to reserve a boat or jet ski TODAY!